Senior Software Engineer, eLink Design; Lexington Kentucky — 2018 - Present

Developed high-scale web applications with custom in-house CMS and framework built on symfony and doctrine, along with other CMS's such as WordPress. Maintained web and mobile applications for existing clients. Developed small scale and enterprise cross-platform and native (iOS) mobile applications, with extreme attention to detail and design. Helped maintain AGILE workflow for team, as well as sprints using Monday.

Technologies: Laravel, WordPress, Doctrine, Vue, React, React Native, Xamarin Forms, TailwindCSS, BootstrapCSS, UIKit, SwiftUI, PHP, Javascript / Typescript, Swift, C#, AWS EC2, and AWS S3

Support Specialist, eLink Design; Lexington Kentucky — 2015 - 2018

Helped existing clients with a variety of technical issues ranging from email to server problems. Worked on small and large updates for existing web applications while delivering results in a timely manner.

Technologies: PHP, Doctrine, jQuery, BootstrapCSS, Vue, ZenDesk, Ubuntu / CentOS Server Administration

Senior Software Engineer, NoLimits Central; Lexington Kentucky — 2015 - Present

A file exchange and online forum personally developed by me, with features such as realtime messaging, S3 file uploading / downloading, robust searching, and more.

Technologies: PHP, Python, Javascript, Laravel, Vue, TailwindCSS, AWS S3 and SQS, Pusher